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Assembly and adjustment

Precision and guarantee

In ACEBRON GROUP we offer the highest quality and guarantee in our services, and we offer our customers a turnkey service including not only the manufacture or rehabilitation, but also the assembly and disassembly.

For this we have a large technical team that enables us to carry out assembly and adjustment work with the highest precision and quality.

Our services:

+ Mechanical assemblies and adjustments
+ Electrical assemblies
+ Hydraulic assemblies
+ Blank assemblies
+ On-site assembly and disassembly
+ Functional tests


Guaranteed quality


In order to guarantee the correct operation of the equipment we manufacture, we carry out the pre-assemblies, adjustments and operation tests necessary to
certify compliance with the specifications and technical requirements: 

  • Pressure test
  • Load tests
  • Tightness tests
  • Functional tests

We have the best means and verification equipment for the quality assurance of our assemblies:

  • Laser Tracker
  • Three-dimensional measuring cabin
  • Manual measuring equipment
  • NDT

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