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Offshore Wind Power


The future of renewable energy begings on high seas

The energy of the future

The rapid development of offshore wind energy recognises it as the future of the sector. It is estimated that Spain will have an installed capacity of 13Gw by 2050.

Offshore wind technology makes it possible to exploit wind resources in offshore locations. There are many advantages of offshore wind energy over traditional onshore wind: the potential energy resource is greater, average speeds are usually higher than on land, there is a laminar regime, less roughness and, generally, there are fewer spatial limitations.

In offshore technology, two types of installation are differentiated according to their anchoring system to the marine environment:

  • Fixed to the seabed with a system that is supported or embedded in it (monopile, gravity, jacket, …).
  • With floating structure
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+ Manufacture of mechanically welded foundation components
+ Tooling manufacture
+ Machining
+ Surface treatment
+ Quality control


Our work in numbers

The numbers back us up and ACEBRON GROUP is leading the transformation towards a more efficient and sustainable world

MW Installed capacity with ACEBRON GROUP components
TN Made of carbon steel
Fabricated stiffener sections for floating platforms


Why we are your reference partner

Helping to build a sustainable world

At ACEBRON GROUP we have specialised and certified ourselves to be the trusted supplier in the manufacture of mechanically welded foundation components.

We have the technical means and know-how necessary to guarantee quality, compliance with technical requirements and project delivery times, always ensuring maximum safety at work in all manufacturing processes:

  • Professional, specialised and close project management, always available to find solutions.
  • Our facilities of more than 6,400m2 and 12 metres high, allow us to undertake the manufacture of these large components.
  • Guaranteed quality: Our manufacturing processes are certified according to EN 1090-1: 2009 / A1: 2011 and UNE EN ISO 3834-2: 2006. 

In the surface treatment section, we have highly qualified painters certified by FROSIO (Norsok 501) to ensure the highest quality.


We provide tailor-made manufacturing solutions depending on your company’s needs.

ACEBRON GROUP has participated in multiple offshore wind projects manufacturing the following mechanically welded components:

Jacket foundations:

  • Primary structure: Transition Pieces
  • Secondary structure: Boatlanding and Rest Platform

Foundations for floating structures: stifferners:

  • Transition Pieces

Quality Assurance

Our manufacturing processes follow strict quality controls to ensure compliance with the specifications and technical requirements of the project. 


We are certified according to EN 1090-1: 2009 / A1: 2011 and UNE EN ISO 3834-2: 2006, and have a highly qualified engineering and product quality department:

  • International Welding Engineer (IWE).
  • Welded construction inspectors.
  • Non Destructive Testing Technicians (UT, VT, PT, MP).

Our processes are inspected by specialised external companies that ensure guaranteed quality. 

Surface treatment: 

Surface treatment is a critical part of the process in marine foundations, it is important to control very well its correct application to be able to give manufacturing guarantees, and that is why we have qualified ourselves to ensure the maximum quality of this process.

We have a NACE International certified inspector (CIP Level 2) for the quality control of our products and highly qualified painters certified by FROSIO (Norsok 501). 

Industry 4.0

At ACEBRON GROUP we are committed to Industry 4.0 and to the complete digitalisation of the value chain.

Our 4 factories and all our machining equipment are connected to the production engineering department via industrial communications software.


We can send programs directly from the CAM department to all machines, improving productivity and increasing the reliability of the different processes. Through our virtual machines we are able to generate a simulation of the machining process, thus improving the efficiency, times and quality of our procedures.


We use these programmes and systems to machine complex and large components such as gearbox housings or bushings, ensuring precision and compliance with the necessary tolerances and geometries.


Manufacturing and moving parts of the dimensions of offshore wind turbine foundations requires a prior study to optimise the lay-out and seek efficiency in the processes.


That is why at ACEBRON GROUP we have made a digital twin of our workshops and we are able to carry out simulations prior to manufacture to optimise resources.


We also make use of Industry 4.0 tools to reverse engineer components through which we can proceed to the creation of new parts from used parts.



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