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Creating parts

Machining solutions


One of the strategic lines of ACEBRON GROUP in recent years has been orientating machining solutions towards machining large and very precise parts, machining complex geometries and all types of materials. Trust in our many years of experience and competence, with which we bring different metals into almost any desired shape with absolute precision. Depending on the application, we process small to large workpieces, turning, drilling, milling and grinding them with the highest precision and meticulous accuracy.


Using the latest technology


Machining services


We offer not only reliable services, but also a complete package, in which we also plan, manufacture, assemble and deliver the necessary machinery ready for operation. We also have the capacity and means to take over the complete project management and ensure that everything runs smoothly from the very beginning.

Our machines are connected via industrial communications software with our technical department, which allows us to obtain critical process information for subsequent operation, and to send CAM programs.

We also use the latest technology in CAM programming, carrying out machining simulations that allow us to guarantee success in the most demanding machining processes.


Our seal of quality


Machining parts


When machining large parts to the nearest hundredth of a millimetre, it is essential to ensure quality and to have a controlled and stable process. That is the reason why our workshops are acclimatised to work with a monitored temperature, and we have all the high-precision measuring tools that are necessary to guarantee the measurements of the machined parts.

In addition to the self-monitoring carried out by the operators with the manual measuring equipment and the machines themselves, the parts are monitored by the metrology department with three-dimensional technology using the Laser Tracker or the 3D coordinate measuring equipment.

Our metrology department has a calibration bench to check the correct calibration of our manual measuring equipment, as well as a Calibration Tool to ensure the accuracy of our machining processes.



Our certifications

Quality department

Our product quality department also has specialists in NDT (UT, PT, MT, Vt) in accordance with the UNE-EN-9712:2012 standard. In Acebron Group we have obtained the ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 certifications for all our manufacturing processes by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Ltd.

Maximum and minimum capacities of our machines

Faro Laser Tracker Vantage

Distance Measurement Performance

Sample Rate
Accuracy (MPE)
0,5 µm10.000 points/sec

16 µm + 8 µm/m

Angle Measurement Performance

Angular Accuracy (MPE)
Maximum Angular Velocity
Precision Level Accuracy
25 µm + 5 µm/5180º/sec

(+- 2 arcseconds)

Three – Dimensional Coordinate Measurement Equipment (DEA)

5.080 mm2.030 mm

1.500 mm

14+15 L/ 1000 µm

Milling Machine

X traverse
Y traverse
Z traverse
Max Weight
2.000 mm900 mm900 mm10.00 Tn
4.300 mm1.500 mm1.800 mm10.00 Tn

Bridge Milling Machine

X traverse
Y traverse
Z traverse
Max Weight
6.000 mm3.559 mm Z traverse: 1.100 mm

Bridge high: 2.800 mm

10.00 Tn

Boring Machine

X traverse
Y traverse
Z traverse
Max Weight
1.900 mm1.250 mmSpindle stroke: 630 mmOn turning table: 12
14.000 mm4.000 mmRam travel: 1000 mm

Spindle stroke: 800 mm

On turning table: 40

On fixed table: 80

Horizontal Lathe

Ø max
Max length
Max Weight 
1.900 mm1.250 mm
14.000 mm4.000 mm30.00Tn

Vertical Lathe

Ø max
Max length
Max Weight 
1.800 mmWorkplace high: 800 mm

Ram travel: 480 mm

12.00 Tn
11.000 mmWorkplace high: 3500 mm

Ram travel: 1400 mm

30.00 Tn

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