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Naval and Port

Naval and Port.

Experts in the naval sector

One of our specialties

Our experience of more than 20 years in the naval sector guarantees us as a reference supplier.

We are specialised in the manufacture of medium and large components for deck machinery, propulsion parts and other types of components.

Our services:

+ Detailed engineering
+ Machining of large parts
+ CNC horizontal and vertical turning
+ CNC milling and boring
+ Balancing
+ Welding and meta sheet working
+ Surface treatment
+ Mechanical assembly
+ 3D Measurement

Naval and Port.


What we produce

Some of the components manufactured in ACEBRON GROUP are:

+ Intermediate shafts
+ Drive shafts
+ Pulleys
+ Propeller hubs
+ Rudders
+ Pedestals
+ Casings
+ Sleeve

Naval and Port.

Ports are the main logistic points

Connecting places

Our production means allow us to deal with complete manufacturing projects of large equipment such as ship loaders and belt structures

+ Detailed engineering
+ Fabrication: boiler making, welding, machining, surface treatment
+ Pre-assembly
+ Quality control: final testing, three-dimensional measurements, NDT

Repair and Maintenance

We understand how important it is for a business to run smoothly, therefore we provide a repair and maintenance service to make sure you achieve your goals.

We are a leading company with extensive experience in the repair of different components of the turbines.

+ Inspection
+ Repair
+ Machining
+ Balancing
+ Replacement of blades, seals and diaphragms
+ Assembly and regulation

Quality Assurance

We work to very high quality standards in terms of tolerances and precision. In order to meet these standards, we have temperature-controlled workshops and CNC machines during our manufacturing process.

We have all the high-precision measuring tools necessary to guarantee the measurements of machined parts:

  • Vantage laser tracker.
  • Three-dimensional.
  • Adjustment Bench.
  • Balancing machine

In the surface treatment process we have highly qualified and certified FROSIO painters (Norsok 501) and a NACE International inspector (CIP Level 2) to guarantee the highest levels of quality and control.

Our manufacturing processes are certified according to EN1090-1:2009 /A1:2011 and UNE EN ISO 3834-2:2006 and we have a highly qualified engineering and product quality department:

  • International Welding Engineer (IWE)
  • Welded construction inspectors.
  • NDT technicians

Industry 4.0

At ACEBRON GROUP we are committed to Industry 4.0 and to the complete digitalisation of the value chain.

Our 4 factories and all our machining equipment are connected to the production engineering department via industrial communications software.


We can send programs directly from the CAM department to all machines, improving productivity and increasing the reliability of the different processes. Through our virtual machines we are able to generate a simulation of the machining process, thus improving the efficiency, times and quality of our procedures.


We use these programmes and systems to machine complex and large components such as gearbox housings or bushings, ensuring precision and compliance with the necessary tolerances and geometries.


We also make use of Industry 4.0 tools to reverse engineer components through which we can proceed to the creation of new parts from used parts.



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