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Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0. implies
the completecomplete digitalisationdigitalisation of value chains

The future is now

Industrial communications software


Our 4 factories and all our machining equipment are connected to the production engineering department via industrial communications software. 

We can send programs directly from the CAM department to all machines, improving productivity and increasing the reliability of the different processes. Through our virtual machines we are able to generate a simulation of the machining process, thus improving the efficiency, times and quality of our procedures.


The futurefuture is nownow


Production process, manufacturing and technical office


Our production process, manufacturing and technical office are interconnected, obtaining information in real time of the times and costs associated with each manufacturing and machining process.

This synchronisation allow us to know in a very precise way what is happening regarding the production, having complete control of the planning to ensure compliance with the project delivery deadlines.

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