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We cover all your needs in your manufacturing projects

Managing your projects

We provide all the solutions you need for your project so that the result is a success. 

We take care of everything: project management, purchasing management, manufacturing, design, quality control and assembly. We do an integral turnkey management and we collaborate with our clients as part of their organisation.

We get involved in each project ensuring the success of execution with the highest quality, helping our customers to meet their objectives by controlling costs and deadlines. 


How do we work?

Managing your projects

Our project management and engineering department is involved from the quotation phase to the execution of the order. When a client awards us a project, we assign a Project Manager who will be the main interlocutor with the client and will coordinate all the company departments involved in the project (quality, production, logistics, planning, purchasing, administration). We carry out continuous monitoring with detailed planning of the work to guarantee maximum quality and compliance with the project specifications. 

We are a transparent, approachable, flexible and agile company providing solutions that place the satisfaction of our clients at the centre of our business and as the objective of our projects.


We care about the size of your project

We make it happen

Our project management office handles projects ranging from small projects with short lead times and small scope to projects with lead times of more than a year and budgets of several million euros. We adapt to your needs and apply the highest quality standards in all our processes. 

In recent years we have specialised in project management for sectors with high quality requirements, both in terms of manufacturing and document management, for national and international clients in sectors such as offshore wind, hydroelectric, aerospace and nuclear.

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