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Component Parts Solutions


Providing solutions

Tailor made

We provide tailor-made manufacturing solutions depending on the needs of your company. We use our own resources and technical capacity to manufacture components, mechanical assemblies and sub-assemblies, equipment and to carry out repair and maintenance operations in various sectors.

Moreover, we manufacture from prototypes in which we collaborate with our customers in the development phase in which 100% measurements and tests are required, and unitary parts, to serialised parts in short and medium series.

 We have more than 20 years of experience working for the leading technologists in the manufacture of serial components for the wind and railway sector.

Starting from a sample part, we can carry out reverse engineering to manufacture and supply new components. This process is mainly carried out in our O & M section for old parts where there are no production drawings available and there is no availability in the market.

We supply and manufacture spare parts for the energy and industrial sector.

+ Reverse engineering
+ Surface treatment (painting, sandblasting, metal spraying)
+ Balancing
+ Three-dimensional tests and measurements


Unitary and serial production

Providing solutions

We have our own resources to carry out the complete manufacture of the part, from detailed engineering, welding and metal sheet working or forging or casting, to machining and the surface treatments required, all supplied under the strictest quality controls.

We work closely with our customers in the technical improvement of the parts, providing added value, technical knowledge, and offering the following services:

+ Conventional horizontal turning and CNC (3,800*80000mm)
+ Milling and CNC (6,000*3,559*1100mm)
+ Drilling, threading and adjusting
+ Grinding
+ Precision machining in short and medium series
+ Machining of very large pieces
+ Boring CNC (14,000*4,000*1000mm)

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