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Acebron Group is Committed to Equality

At Acebron Group we fight every day to break the stereotypes found in society and to offer an equal work environment.

Throughout history, the presence of women in the university has been uneven, also in engineering careers. Although the first evidence of a woman enrolled in higher education was in the 15th century, but until 1785 we didn’t find well-known people, which 

According to data from the Institute for Women, although more than half of university students in Spain are women, they only represent one in four enrollments in careers related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM careers). This statistic tells us that, although important steps have been taken in promoting equal.

Our Commitment

Although Law 3/2007 does not oblige companies with less than 250 workers to have an Equality Plan, Mecanizados Acebron feels fully committed to Equality and therefore, it has adopted a set of measures, after carrying out of a diagnosis of the existing situation, which aims to achieve equality between women and men and eliminate possible discrimination, establishing the specific objectives to be achieved, the strategies and practices to be adopted to achieve them, and monitoring systems.

Our goal

The final goal that the company intends to achieve with the implementation of an Equal Opportunity Plan for women and men is to promote equal opportunities in the organization and eliminate direct and indirect discrimination based on gender. This can be possible through the incorporation of the gender perspective as an strategic principle of the company’s corporate policy.

Purpose of our equality plan

  • To guarantee equal treatment between women and men in the selection processes.
  • Non-discriminatory use of language, communication and advertising.
  • Projection of a company image in accordance with the principle of equality.
  • Conciliation of personal and work life.
  • Prevention and action against sexual harassment.
  • Equality in professional classification.
  • Presence of women in positions of responsibility.
  • Encouraging female empowerment.
  • Collaborate in the prevention of gender violence.

Actions carried out to make our equality plan happen

Creation of the parity equality committee of the

The main  Committee´s responsibility is to create a space for dialogue and fluid communication, in such a way that all the agreements and measures adopted throughout the development of the program are carried out with the consensus of both parties.

 Awareness raising and internal communication 

As a transversal measure to facilitate the level of involvement of the workforce, an awareness day was held on equal opportunities, generating debate on basic concepts of equality and receiving opinions on the matter. Practical examples and exercises were worked on, visualizing inequality, and gender differences ; and all staff were informed of the implementation of an equality plan in the company.

Diagnosis of the situation

Quantitative and qualitative data were collected on the following areas:

  • Characterization of the workforce: vertical distribution and horizontal distribution, age and seniority.
  • Working conditions: job security, type of working day and hours, remuneration policy and benefits, family responsibilities and internal culture.
  • Personnel management: personnel selection processes, professional recognition, training, prevention of sexual and gender-based harassment.
  • Corporate image material abroad: Web page, product catalogs …
  • Interview with the management and anonymous questionnaire with the staff.

Equality in Acebron Group

Despite being in a sector with a marked male presence, we have 7% women in the engineering, administration, HR, logistics, quality and environment departments. We hope that these percentages will continue to increase in these years.

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