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New Equality Plan 2024-2028 Mecace

Mecace is proud to present its Equality Plan 2024-2028, an initiative that reaffirms the company’s commitment to gender equity and equal opportunities for all its employees. This plan, which will be in effect from June 6, 2024, to 2028, is the result of a collaborative and thorough effort to create a more inclusive and fair working environment.

Strategic Objectives

The Mecace Equality Plan has the following main objectives:

  1. Promote Equal Opportunities: Implement measures that ensure equitable treatment for all employees, regardless of their gender.
  2. Eliminate the Wage Gap: Although there is currently no wage gap in the company, the plan establishes mechanisms to maintain this pay equity over time.
  3. Encourage Gender Diversity: Increase the presence of women in a traditionally male-dominated sector, such as the iron and steel industry.

Areas of Action

The plan includes a series of key areas of action, each with specific measures to be implemented:

  1. Access to Employment: Review and update hiring policies to ensure they are inclusive and non-discriminatory.
  2. Communication: Promote internal communication that fosters the values of equality and respect.
  3. Working Conditions: Ensure that working conditions promote equal opportunities for both genders.
  4. Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Gender-Based Harassment: Implement and disseminate clear and effective protocols to prevent and address harassment situations.


Plan Development Process

For the development of this plan, Mecace carried out a series of key actions:

  • Creation of the Equality Committee: A dedicated team to oversee and guide the implementation of the plan.
  • Situation Diagnosis: A detailed analysis of the current state of gender equality within the company, including a pay audit that confirmed the absence of a wage gap.
  • Internal Communication: Actions aimed at informing and raising awareness among all employees about the importance and content of the equality plan.

The Equality Plan includes robust mechanisms for its monitoring and evaluation. These processes ensure that the implemented actions are effective and that necessary adjustments are made in response to any changes and challenges that may arise. The Equality Committee will meet periodically to assess progress and address any discrepancies that may occur.

Commitment to the Future

Mecace reaffirms its commitment to gender equality and pledges to continue working towards creating a work environment where all employees can fully develop on equal terms. This Equality Plan is a crucial step towards a more inclusive and equitable future.

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