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The Role of Offshore Wind Energy in Decarbonization

Offshore wind energy is emerging as a key pillar in the renewable energy scenario, leading the way towards carbon reduction and sustainable development. Galicia stands out for its business competence to meet the needs of this expanding industry, with a wide range of specialized firms supported by the region’s five major port infrastructures.

Galicia has consolidated its position as a global benchmark in the field of offshore wind energy, with more than 40 companies dedicated to this activity, standing out as a center of excellence in the provision of technology and specific know-how for this sector.

Galicia, a strategic ally for the “green revolution” through offshore wind power.


The offshore wind energy sector represents an unprecedented opportunity for Galicia, with the potential to transform the Galician industrial fabric and mark a before and after in its economic development.


Alianza estratégica

The Xunta de Galicia and Goa Asime are playing a crucial role in boosting this sector through their strategic collaboration. Their alliance not only covers the Galician sphere, but also extends to other regions in northern Spain and Portugal. Goa Asime plays a key role in this process, acting as a driving force for collaboration between companies, institutions and other entities.

Economic decarbonization is a challenge but also offers opportunities to generate wealth through sustainability at a global level.

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