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Acebron Group participates in the Northwest Triman

Last Sunday, 17 of June, Luis Vázquez Sanesteban and Aitor Franco Bouza, two members of Acebron Groupdos, participated in the 5th edition of the NORTHWEST TRIMAN. The only Ironman distance triathlon in Galicia and a medium distance triathlon were held.

The event took place in As Pontes and our guys did a very good job. Luis Vázquez Sanesteban, uis Vázquez Sanesteban, who participated in medium distance, finished in 180th place with a time of 05:55:51. For his part, Aitor Franco Bouza dared the long distance, achieving 9th place with a time of 09:46:47.

Luis Vazquez Sanesteban 1

Luis Vázquez Sanesteban

Aitor Franco Bouza 1

Aitor Franco Bouza

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