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ACEBRON GROUP participates in the project ROTACION framed in Program ConectaPEME 2016


ROTATION will develop innovative and flexible repair technologies for large components subject to wear in the wind sector

  • Within the framework of the project, two strategies will be developed that will allow a qualitative leap in the technological and productive capacities of the repair processes in the sector.
  • Framed in the ConectaPEME 2016 Program, the project consortium is led by GAMESA and is completed by the companies ACEMETAL, TECDISMA, GALVENTUS and PULTEC. AIMEN participates as a collaborating entity.
  • Repair through laser-based recharging processes will allow an average reduction of 70% in repair times.

The main objective of the ROTACIÓN project is to develop innovative and flexible repair technologies for large components subjected to wear, such as wind turbine transmission elements. In this way, it is intended to increase its life in service and minimize repair times and costs, overcoming the main barriers related to the recovery of these components, which limit the efficiency and efficiency of wind turbines.

Currently, the wear repair of these components involves two ways of action: recovery by machining or total replacement of the part. It is a phenomenon that currently limits the durability of the components of the common transmission system to all wind farms. In this sense, ROTACIÓN will maintain the profitability of the Galician wind energy sector and will also favor the implementation of processes of high added value.


Main innovations

To this end, two innovative repair strategies will be developed that will allow a qualitative leap in the technological and productive capacities of the repair processes in the sector. On the one hand, a new repair strategy will be developed through laser-based recharge processes (because it is a highly productive technology, easily automated and allows total process control).

This system will allow an average reduction of more than 70% in repair times compared to current processes and repair of 90% of damaged power train components, as well as increase by more than 100% The capacity of repair in number of annual components.

On the other hand, ROTACIÓN will develop a repair process using structural resins, a low-cost solution focused on components that, due to their large size or difficult access to the damaged area, must be repaired in-situ, or for those fabricated components with materials that may present metallurgical incompatibility when they are repaired with a thermal process such as laser recharging.

Through this system will achieve a reduction of 60% in the time of repair and the possibility of repair without thermal input, as well as repairing certain components in situ, without need to disassemble the component.

In addition to its application in the onshore and offshore wind sector, these developments can be transferred to the repair of large components in the metal-mechanical, aeronautical, naval and petrochemical sector.


Intersectoral collaboration

The ROTACIÓN project, with a budget of 575,060 euros and a total duration of 20 months, is part of the ConectaPEME 2016 Program.

The consortium, led by GAMESA, the world leader in repair of power train components for the wind power sector. In addition, to achieve the proposed technological advances, the collaboration of companies such as: ACEMETAL, a company specialized in repairing components for the wind sector; TECDISMA, reference in technological solutions for the design, manufacture and assembly of special machinery; GALVENTUS, company with high experience in services of maintenance of wind farms and PULTEC as company developer of systems of application of resins.

This group of companies has the collaboration of AIMEN Technology Center.



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