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Annual Report Metal Sector

The Galician metal sector has suffered a strong impact due to the covid-19 pandemic, suffering a 12% drop in turnover and 2% in employment during 2020.

The different activities represented in metal employed more than 57,000 workers, which is 2% less than in 2019, generating a turnover of 12,038 million euros. This represented a fall of 12%.

The manufacture of metal products was the most relevant activity in the sector, representing 53.1% of the total.

In 2020, the metal sector accounted for 20% of Galicia’s GDP, comprising 3,793 companies.

Foreign trade

Catalonia led the ranking in exports and Madrid in imports, while Galicia ranked 5th in exports and 4th in imports in the metal sector.l.


  • 44.6% of total Galician exports in 2020 corresponded to the metal sector. Gaining 22.5% more than the previous year.
  • 72.3% of these exports correspond to the manufacture of motor vehicles and 3.6% to the naval sector, which is growing notably.
  • Pontevedra is the Galician province where 81.8% of the sector’s exports were concentrated, worth 7,618.69 million euros.

Naval, maritime and marine energies

This sector has generated employment for 8,930 people with a turnover of 826 million euros, which is 30% less than the previous year. Likewise, Galician shipyards have suffered a 75% drop in new contracts and a 33% drop in order book.

However, shipbuilding exports in Galicia increased by 33.6% reaching 331.99 million in 2020.

Metal constructions and structures

Metal constructions and structures was another of the industries that best resisted the covid crisis in 2020, registering a 2% drop in employment and a 3% increase in turnover.


In view of this situation, Enrique Mallón, Secretary General of Asime, highlighted some key points:

We are facing a critical moment in which investment and a strong commitment to industry are needed. At the same time, it is necessary to organise the energy transition with a coherent plan that does not allow closures without alternatives, while at the same time supporting strategic industries and offering them attractive conditions to set up in our region, which has enormous possibilities in areas as diverse as offshore wind power, aeronautics and the automotive industry”.

“We have in the European funds an opportunity that we cannot miss in the Galician metal sector. Asime is already promoting more than 15 projects and working on many more with companies in the sector. We have to mobilise ourselves and work to attract these investments for our industry”.

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