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Documentary TVG2 Industry 4.0

At Acebron Group we are committed to Industry 4.0 and the TVG2 television program Xeño e Enxeño program has echoed this. They visited our facilities and made a documentary, showing the different steps we follow during the machining process:

  • Technical office
  • Production
  • Machining
  • Adjustment
  • Quality control
  • Three-dimensional measurement

Our production process, manufacturing and technical office are interconnected, obtaining information in real time of the times and costs associated with each manufacturing and machining process. This synchronisation allow us to know in a very precise way what is happening regarding the production, having complete control of the production planning to ensure compliance with the project delivery deadlines.

At Acebron Group we are committed to Industry 4.0. This implies the complete digitalisation of value chains through the integration of data processing technologies, intelligent software and sensors; from suppliers to customers, in order to predict, control, plan, and produce which generates greater value to the entire chain.

We want to thank TVG2 for supporting projects like ours and showing it in such a graphic way to the Galician population.

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