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Towards a Green Future: 14 Years of Commitment to ISO 14001 and a Responsible Supply Chain

At Acebrón Group, we have forged a path of sustainability and environmental responsability that dates back 14 years. Since April 2010, when we obtained our ISO 14001 certification, we have integrated this standard not only into our operations but also into our business philosophy, marking an era of increased awareness and environmental responsability.

A Decade and a Half of Sustainability Leadership

Since the beginnig of our journey with ISO 14001, our vision has been to lead in sustainability within the industrial sector. This commitment transcends our internal operations and extends to our suppliers and partners. The ISO 14001 certification has been a cornerstone in our sustainability and environmental responsability values.

A Consolidated Journey with ISO 14001

ISO 14001 has been more than a standard for us; it has become an integral philosophy. It provides a framework for systematically and ocntinuously improving our environmental impact. Over these 14 years, we have made significant investments in training, process adaptation, and the establishment of an environmentally conscious coporate culture. Today, we not only maintain the certification but have cultivated a greener mindset within our company.

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Deep Integration into Our Supply Chain

Our journey with ISO 14001 certifications has led us to integrate its principles into every stage of our supply chain. This has involved close collaborations with our suppliers to align their practices with our sustainability standards. As a result, we have achieved significant reductions in our carbon footprint, improved efficiency in resource use, and increased transparency and accountability in our business practices.

Looking to the Future with a Sustainable Vision 

Our commitment to our responsible supply chain and environmental management is an ongoing journey. At Acebrón Group, we are committed to continuing to lead by example, constantly seeking new ways to improve and promote sustainability in every aspect of our business.


More than a decade with ISO 14001 certification us a testament to our enduring commitment, not just an achievement. It is an essential part of our promise to maintain a responsible supply chain and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Requirements for ISO 14001 Certification

  1. Commitment and Environmental Policy: Top management must commit and develop an environmental policy in line with the organization’s activities and environmental impact.
  2. Planning: Identify significant environmental aspects and impacts and establish objectives, goals, and programs to improve environmental performance.
  3. Implementation and Operation: Allocate resources and responsabilities, train staff, establish management procedures, and a documentation system for the Environmental Management System (EMS)
  4. Verification and Corrective Action: Monitor and measure environmental performance, implement procedures to mitigate unwanted impacts, and conduct internal audits.
  5. Management Review: Periodic evaluation of the EMS by top management to ensure its effectivness and alignment with the orgnization’s objectives.
  6. Certification: Once the effective EMS is established and demonstrated, proceed with external audit and certification by an accredited body.
  7. Maintenance and Continuous Improvement: After obtaining certification, continuosly maintain and improve the EMS to ensure compliance and ongoing improvement of environmental performance over time.
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