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Acebron Group Signs a Dual FP Agreement for the middle cycle of Welding and Boilermaking with the IES Plurilingual Castro da Uz

At Acebron Group we are committed to the dual professional training to train the future talent of our team, and for this reason we have signed an agreement with the IES Plurilingual Castro da Uz de As Pontes for the middle cycle of Welding and Boilermaking for the next academic year 2020-2021. The agreement has been signed jointly between the companies Acebrón Calderería, SL, Prometal Tecnología e Innovación, SL and Fitter Montajes Structure, SL. Acebron Calderería, SL through this agreement, agrees to take 5 students to train in the company and be one of our own.

This is the second agreement that  Acebron Group signs. The first one was in conjunction with the CIFP Ferrolterra for the upper cycle of Production Scheduling in Mechanical Manufacturing 2019-2020. By doing this we show once again our commitment to create local employment and generating wealth for the area.

Below we inform you about the main features of Dual FP:

What is Dual FP?

It is a type of vocational training that aims to prepare students for activity in a professional field and facilitate their adaptation to job changes that may occur throughout their lives. Contribute to their personal development, allowing their progression in the educational system and in the professional education system for employment.

Duration of the Dual FP 

It will begin on September 15, 2020 and end on August 31, 2022. The training will be given in a shared way between the educational center and the company, guaranteeing the acquisition of the learning results established in the corresponding training cycle and obtaining the title of technician in Welding and Boilermaking at the end of the Dual FP. 

Does dual FP students receive any type of remuneration?

The companies will provide each student with a minimum monthly wege of 475 euros during the months in which the professional training activity is carried out entirely within the company and will be registered with Seguridad Social. The rest of the months the amount will be calculated proportionally to the time the student spends in the company.

What are the requirements to access the Dual FP?

  • To be 18 years old (or complete them in the calendar year in which the training cycle begins).
  • Lack of professional qualification required to enter into an internship contract for the job or occupation object of the project.
  • Not having previously completed a training and learning contract.
  • Not having passed any professional module of the training cycle of the requested project, unless another training cycle was completed.

What is the added value of dual FP for the company and why Acebron Group is commited to it?

  • The company actively participates designing the training program, incorporating its processes and its business culture, with a greater impact on the practical training of students.
  • It constitutes one of the best personnel selection systems for the company, since they participate in the initial selection of students, and because they have direct knowledge of their professional skills during the training period.
  • It improves competitiveness, equipping the company with human capital with the best personal and professional skills, and with a high degree of qualification.
  • The company participates in the social responsibility of promoting the training and employability of people.

Do not wait any longer and reserve your place at the IES Plurilingual Castro da Uz de As Pontes, we only have 5 places at Acebron Group, and the possibilities of employment after the end of the cycle are very high.

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  • R. / José María Penabad López, s / n
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