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Maritime Trends: The Future of The Naval, Maritime and Port Sectors

Yesterday the new reference forum Maritime Trends was held. The debate was about the present and the future of the naval, maritime and port sector. The congress was organized by Asime, the Galician Association of Metal industries and Associated Technologies for which Rebeca Acebron, CEO of Acebron es Group is its Vice President. 

The congress, which was a success, brought together the main international players in the industry and was developed digitally. There were inspirational talks from leaders around the world offering the opportunity to connect with other companies and potential collaborators. We were able to listen to renowned speakers such as Ignacio Gutiérrez Santalo, the Development Coordinator of Eólica Marina España for Iberdrola or Jorge Filgueira, Director of Astilleros Ría de Ferrol for Navantia, among many.

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Some of the talk topics were the decarbonisation challenges and blue economy, upskilling, ship design, batteries for ship electrification, new fuels, green ports and intelligent logistics that are promoting a more sustainable supply chain.

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