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Mecace and Acemetal merger

Mecace and Acemetal, leaders in the field of industrial machining, are two companies that form part of the Acebron Group, a business group with more than 20 years of experience. Both have joined forces and merged to offer comprehensive solutions to their customers. With this alliance, they will be able to provide tailor-made solutions in the technological machining of parts for most sectors in a wide range of materials and sizes, both in serial parts and in projects adapted to the specific needs of the customer.


Mecace integrates the capabilities of the other Acebron Group companies to offer customers a fully finished product including the manufacture of complete mechanical assemblies and sub-assemblies, quality testing and pre-assembly. For its part, Acemetal provides machining and repair services for gearbox casings and main wind turbine components, refurbishment and repair of equipment and components for the hydroelectric sector, and a re-engineering service that brings new solutions to customers. Together they join forces to offer a more complete service to customers.


Combining forces

  1. Wide range of solutions: Both companies together will offer tailor-made solutions in the technological machining of parts for a wide variety of sectors, in an extensive range of materials and sizes. This means that customers will have access to a wider range of options for their specific projects and needs.
  2. Combined expertise: Mecace and Acemetal are two companies with extensive experience in their respective fields. The pooling of their combined knowledge and experience means that customers will be able to access a wider range of resources and skills for their projects.
  3. Logistics service: The union will enable a fast and efficient logistics service to be offered to customers, thanks to Mecace’s unbeatable geographical location. This means that customers will continue to receive their finished products in optimum time and with guaranteed quality.
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