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Opportunities and Challenges in 2021

We have started the year looking positively towards the COVID-19 vaccine and we truly believe in the most favorable case scenarios where the metal sector may grow its turnover in a 8% during 2021. This ney year has new challenges and opportunities for us.

1. Recovery

International activity

  • The return to the international commercial activity will allow us to close new contracts that in some cases were postponed due to the health crisis.

Public aid

  • The first months of this year are expected to be challenging for the economy and our goal in to resist and articulate, together with public institutions, the appropriate measures to reactivate the industrial sector.

2. Innovation

European funds

  • The European Union has launched its ambitious and historic Next Generation EU plan through which 140,000 million euros will be injected into Spain. We cannot let these figures pass through Galicia without effect.

Digital innovation

  • The commitment to digitization and implementation of improvements in the Industry 4.0 field must be on the roadmap of all companies in the sector that want to progress and improve their competitiveness. At Acebron Group we have always made a clear commitment to Industry 4.0, and during 2021 we will continue to implement new tools and innovations in processes, products and services to increase our productivity, efficiency, quality and improve the service to our clients.

3. Employment and Training

At Acebron Group  we are committed to professional training. We believe that this year, employment and training will play an important role. In order to recover the competitiveness of companies, it will be necessary to optimize processes and have personnel trained for this. We are committed to enhance the digital and technological capabilities of workers throughout the value chain. 

4. Eco Transition

Acebron Group has a great commitment to the environment, always supporting waste reduction and promoting recovery and repair. We believe that all companies in the sector must adapt to a circular economy, optimising their processes to cause the least ecological impact. As we move towards that goal, however, measures will be necessary to enhance and accompany this transition. Among them, the implementation of an electro-intensive statute or an effort at the level of financing by administrations and companies will be necessary.

Offshore wind

  • In this context, renewable energies continue to rise, representing 34.7% worldwide today. One of the big bets will be that of offshore wind, which is one of the markets with the greatest potential for Galicia. Without a doubt, 2021 will be a key year to boost this energy in our region.
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