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Our Responsible Purchasing Policy

The Purchasing Policy of ACEBRON GROUP aims to facilitate the achievement of the objectives defined in the strategic plans of ACEBRON GROUP, establishing a framework of balanced collaboration between ACEBRON GROUP and its suppliers, which promotes stable commercial relations and the obtaining of mutual benefits, in coherence with the Values defined by the company.

The objective is to collaborate with those suppliers that work with the best practices in Corporate Social Responsibility and to this end, ACEBRON GROUP demands compliance with the laws and regulations applicable in the territories in which it operates and positively values compliance with the principles of the Global Compact, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the fundamental conventions of the I.T.O.



Concurrence of suppliers for the same purchasing process, so that the best possible response can be offered to the organisational unit making the purchase request. In the selection and contracting processes in competition ACEBRON GROUP ensures the diversification of offers among different suppliers.


Transparency in the selection of suppliers, which is materialised in the existence of a system of governance, a standardised process that regulates decision making in a staggered manner with the knowledge of all the levels involved. In order to guarantee mutual trust and competitiveness among suppliers, ACEBRON GROUP informs its suppliers of its current Purchasing Policy, as well as its supplier approval procedure, General Contracting Conditions and Supplier Code of Conduct, with due protection and confidentiality of the data available.


The search for efficiency is an imperative in business activity and in this sense, the contracting of goods and services shall be adjusted to the principles of necessity, suitability and austerity.


ACEBRON GROUP, in the area of suppliers, evaluates and controls the risk that may arise from its supply chain. For this reason, it has developed a global sourcing model based on responsible criteria that are developed in the following principles:

  1. Ensures continuous improvement of the procurement process, based on the principles of regulatory compliance and corporate social responsibility.
  2. Stimulates demand for socially responsible products, services and projects.
  3. It establishes a single purchasing procedure for all ACEBRON GROUP business units, optimising the impact of its purchasing decisions on the companies in which it operates.
  4. It provides complete, accurate and transparent information in your procurement process.
  5. It ensures that all stakeholders comply with applicable human rights, labour and environmental legal requirements and are involved in efforts to prevent corruption.
  6. It ensures that the selection and contracting of suppliers complies with the internal regulations in force at any given time and, in particular, with the values of ACEBRON GROUP and the company’s Code of Ethics and Conduct.
  7. Adequately monitors suppliers with whom it has relationships to verify compliance with regulatory compliance and CSR commitments.
  8. Raise awareness of CSR (regulations, dissemination, training) among all those involved in the procurement process.
  9. Guarantees the coherence of the principles of Responsible Purchasing with other ACEBRON GROUP policies and strategies.
  10. It engages with its suppliers in the development of economic, social, environmental and governance issues and collaborates with them to improve their performance and ensure compliance with these principles.
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