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Expansión publishes news about the implementation of digital tools at Acebron Group

This morning, in Expansión, they published news about Acebron Group and how the transition to digital machining is allowing us to face competition and improve efficiency. The news reads like this:

“Acebron faces competition with digital machining to improve efficiency

Acebron Group has taken its first step in the implementation of digital tools that allows to gain efficiency in the production process and planning. The company, formed by four companies (Mecace, Acesan, Acemetal and Acecal), has invested 85,000 euros in the introduction of a new software that allows to communicate to the machines of its four work centers with the technical offices and in the creation of a automated production system that collects information from the plants through bar codes in real time.

The project, within the group Industry 4.0 managed by Asime, has had a subsidy of Igape of 38% of the amount invested. The financial and commercial director of the group of As Pontes, Rebeca Acebrón, ensures that she has an improvement plan for 4.0 machining for the next three years, whose budget will close in a few months, with the digitalization of the plans for the elimination of paper and the collection of information in real time.

The company aims to improve its competitiveness in the face of significant price competition. Its international revenues were 26% of the total, in line with previous years. France stands out, where Acebron Group sent water filtration equipment for the nuclear industry, and sales in Spain have as final destination countries like Colombia or England. Acebrón expects to close new projects with the aim of growing again in billing, up to 12 million euros. “

If you want to see the news published in the newspaper, follow this link.

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