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Mecanizados Acebron, Circular and Innovative Business 2021

Mecanizados Acebron has been recognised by Ardán as Innovative Business 2021 and Circular Business 2021. Acknowledgements for which we are very grateful and for which we have worked as a team.

Circular Business 2021

Circular business are the ones that have implemented a circular economy strategy, establishing partnerships with stakeholders and incorporating circular criteria in the consumption of resources, in the design and production of our products and production processes. From Acebron Group we offer our customers a repair and maintenance service not only to extend the life of all parts, but also through retrofitting we improve the performance of the machines.

Innovative Business 2021

We have also received the Ardán indicator for innovative business 2021. Mecanizados Acebron has presented high levels of innovative performance that have been measured through indicators such as Effort in internal R&D, Training in R&D&I, process technology, Labour productivity or Return on R&D&I.

Innovation in Spanish companies is becoming increasingly intense and is having unexpected effects on activities and sectors. We find ourselves with an increasingly more informed and demanding customer who demands quality products at a reasonable price and delivered in a short period of time.

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