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The Scrum methodology at Acebron Group

Acebron Group, Industry 4.0 and Scrum methodology go together.

The Scrum methodology  is especially suitable for adapting companies to the changes of Industry 4.0,or fourth industrial revolution. Because this new concept of industry moves in a scenario with changing needs, constant adjustments, innovations, a marked competitiveness, and where flexibility and productivity are fundamental to meet very tight delivery times. The Scrum methodology allows to adapt the work process to this new environment.

What is the Scrum methodology?

It is an agile methodology  of teamwork from  iterations or Sprints. It aims to control and plan projects with a lot of changes, uncertainty and tight lead times. To do this, it carries out a series of good practices,which come from analyzing the way highly productive teams work. The basis of this methodology is on  customer satisfaction,so the tasks that give you the most value when organizingare prioritized.

Iterations or Sprints  are short-lived stages in which the project is divided (usually 2 weeks), at the beginning of each one a series of objectives are set to be met and in the end the level of compliance is analyzed and possible changes and adjustments. In addition to these iterations, daily meetings are held to learn about the daily progress of the project.

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The role of the Scrum Master

To make it easy to coordinate a team, it must not exceed 8 people. In addition, each team must be led by a Scrum master, who is responsible for:

  • Ensure that all participants follow the good practices of the methodology.
  • Set and prioritize tasks for each iteration.
  • Teach the team to self-manage and find solutions.
  • Eliminate any impediment to achieving the goals of each iteration
  • Avoid external outages so the team can focus on the project.

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Our experience with the Scrum methodology

At Acebron Group, by focusing on both new manufacturing and repairs, planning was a challenge. We couldn’t find a flexible and simple tool with which to organize and deal with constant changes.

We discovered the Scrum methodology  thanks to a customer who shared with us their positive experience using it in different areas of the company. Since then, we have used it to more agilely plan production and track orders in progress.

All those involved in project management and production gather around several planning whiteboards in which we manage the critical areas that affect planning. Its design follows the  philosophy of continuous improvement and is alive, we update it, change its configuration and incorporate information that is useful to us as we detect new needs.

Organizing according to the Scrum methodology  allows all members of our team to advance together to achieve the objectives of each project in time and to be able to adjust in time to possible changes. Thanks to this, customer satisfaction increases, reduces costs and increases the productivity and motivation of our workers


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