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Pablo Mayobre, a key figure at Industry 4.0

Pablo Mayobre is the protagonist of this new interview. He is the person responsible for Planning and Industry 4.0 and will analyse with us the evolution of the Acebron Group since he began, as well as identifying the critical areas of his department and improvements in the area of Industry 4.0. We will touch on the current program of installation of screens in Production – one of Pablo’s proposals that has been successfully taken up by the company.

History at the Acebron Group

Pablo has been with the company since 2005, combining technical office activities with carrying out non-destructive testing. Between 2016 and January 2018 he took a break to “leave my comfort zone, working in other companies in the sector”. The experience allowed him to acquire outside expertise and learn new working methods, after which he returned to a more production-focussed position within the company.

When we asked him what changes he had noticed in the company since his return, he commented:

Since my beginnings here, the company has grown enormously. But the most important thing is that it has been able to grow thanks to the hard work of my office colleagues and the workshop professionals. “I still remember in the early days we used the fax as a means of communication: to ask for prices; to send and receive orders… that was the first change and the simplest. But the most important change, without doubt, was ERP integration for the management of all the departments, in 2006.

In the almost 15 years that he has been with the company, the evolution of the enterprise is apparent, both in its growth and for the improvements in production and digitalization.

Planning and Industry 4.0

As Head of the Planning Department, the responsibilities to which he gives priority are adherence to deadlines, and control and information flow regarding possible delays.

Within the area of Industry 4.0, Pablo explains that they have advanced considerably, and points out the most important improvements:

  • The implementation by my colleague Toni Aguilar of the CAM programming system: being able to program the machines from the office allows us to improve agility when commencing activities in the workshop. We increase the uptime of the machines, as well as detecting errors in advance, without having to stop the manufacturing process.”
  • Networking the 4 plants and having real-time production information is a major plus-factor for project management, and opens the doors to continued improvements in the digitalization of the plants.

The new production screens

This month the company is carrying out the installation of screens in Production – one of Pablo‘s proposals. He tells us that the objective of this idea is “to show each operator information about the assigned jobs, and for them to be aware of progress, compared against the hours estimated when the work was priced. So the operatives start work faster, and by having a timed objective they are motivated to meet the targets.

Once this project has been completed, we will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the new system. As a team-member, Pablo is focussed on technological improvements and aims to do everything possible to improve project planning in the Acebron Group.

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