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Acebron Group implements an Equality Plan in MECACE

Acebron Group‘s mission goes beyond customer service, we have a commitment to society. As we explained a few months ago, we are aware of the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility and we try to be constantly improving. Although the Law does not oblige companies with less than 250 workers to have an Equality Plan, at Mecanizados Acebron we feel fully committed to this issue and, thanks to the help of the Institute for Women and Equal Opportunities, we have decided to carry out a diagnosis of our situation and create an Equality Plan that aims to eradicate any type of disparity between men and women in our company.

In order to achieve the final objective of Equality, we establish objectives, actions to be carried out for the elaboration of the plan, the areas of action and the monitoring system to guarantee its success.

In order to create the Equality Plan, it was necessary to create a parity Committee of Equality, to raise awareness and internal communication among the staff, to draw up a diagnosis of the situation and, depending on the result, to establish the areas of action. In the case of Acebron Group, the areas of action are:

  • Access to employment area: equal treatment between men and women must be ensured in selection processes.
  • Communication area: The sexist use of written and visual language in all communications must be eradicated.
  • Working-time arranfements area: family, personal and labor conciliation should be encouraged.
  • Area of prevention and action against sexual harassment and harassment on grounds of sex: sexual harassment or harassment on grounds of sex must be prevented.
  • Working conditions area: there must be a presence of women in positions of responsibility.
  • Professional development and training area: women’s empowerment must be promoted.
  • Prevention of gender-based violence area: collaboration in the prevention of gender-based violence is required.

Once the areas of action have been established and the Equality Plan has been implemented, it is necessary to monitor the process of developing each measure, introduce new measures or correct existing ones.

Finally, an evaluation should be made to check the effectiveness of the measures put in place and to assess corrective actions.

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