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Paula Díaz Pardo Acebrón’s logistics manager. Covid-19 Crisis

We interviewed Paula Díaz, who is Acebron Group’s logistics manager and has been part of our team for 17 years. This is a fundamental work for the correct operation of the company, which has currently incorporated an unprecedented event in the industry: the worldwide crisis of Covid-19. 


Fortunately, the company has had a very positive balance reaping the benefits after much effort and dedication, adapting to the new needs of the sector, always looking for ways to innovate and improve, both nationally and internationally. Innovation is the key to maintain ourselves at the forefront of the market.


ACEBRON GROUP makes a continuous effort to be updated in all those processes that affect its business, with the sole objective of improving service to its customers. Care with suppliers and the use of resources involved in environment protection are essential in a logistics department.


The main activities as head of the purchasing department and the management of Covid-19

Unfortunately, we are currently going through a serious health crisis caused by Covid-19, which has made us implement effective action protocols to protect the health of all the members of the company and, thanks to our great internal commitment these protocols are being complied with.

One of the most important activities is to organize the transport of both clients and suppliers, being this an essential factor. To do this, a correct organization is necessary for the delivery of the products in an optimal time. In the case of raw material, for the internal manufacture and entry of the materials in our production, and in the case of sales to our customers, guarantee their delivery with complete satisfaction. Always with the aim of reducing time and costs.


A value that the ACEBRON GROUP flags is undoubtedly the commitment to its clients, always trying to fulfill their needs and offering the best opportunities to satisfy their businesses. In coordination with the Purchasing, Quality and Warehouse Departments, we have managed to create a solid work team to achieve the objectives which are the pillars in our organization: obtain the purchase of raw materials at suitable costs, following closely the delay in deliveries; organization of the unloading of products directly from the trucks, their control, order and storage as well as the quality control and the labeling of all the products before their subsequent distribution.


The interrelation between the people who are part of this world is essential: From customers, suppliers and transporters to the camaraderie among colleagues, which puts the icing to an excellent internal communication and work environment.

Logistics management Covid-19 Crisis

The good coordination between departments, planning the deliveries with enough time, allows the organization of shipments without incurring in delays. In addition, the digitization in the control of raw material stocks by making a barcode marking allows us to track stocks automatically and achieve their full traceability.


Transport is one of the basic sectors of our society, therefore it has not been paralyzed and our deliveries have, fortunately, not been affected by delays. Regarding security measures, access to carriers is not allowed in our workshops these days, instead they are received at the entrance area, on the outside, by loading and unloading personnel who is protected with masks and gloves, thus as respecting the safety distance of 2 meters.


We hope this situation will be soon solved and that we will recover the normality that we all pursue.

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