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Acebron Group, Industry 4.0 and Scrum methodology go together.The Scrum methodology  is especially suitable for adapting companies to the changes of Industry 4.0,or fourth industrial revolution. Because this new concept of industry moves in a scenario with changing needs, constant adjustments, innovations, a marked competitiveness, and where flexibility and productivity are fundamental to meet very tight delivery times. The Scrum methodology allows to adapt the work process to this new environment.

Every year, on the last weekend of October, the clocks are put back one hour, and we lose one hour of light in the afternoons through to the last weekend of March, when they go forward again. Whenever the time is artificially changed, there is renewed controversy about the benefits of doing so.Daylight Saving Time was unified throughout the European Union in 1980, on the premise that it would save energy: If daylight hours coincide with the hours of the typical working day, energy consumption will be lower.

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